Dozens are injured, some killed during a number of motorcycle related accidents

With summer here and motorcycles out and about, a spike in accidents among riders was observed this past week. A recent report by the Star Tribune noted that since May 29, 28 riders have been injured in cycle-related accidents and five have died.

The deceased:

  • Latimothy Saxon, 49, of Minneapolis was struck by a car late Wednesday afternoon in Minneapolis and died shortly after. Authorities reporter Saxon was not wearing a helmet.
  • Patrick Rix, 42, of Duluth was riding in a group late Thursday when he lost control and crashed merging onto Interstate 94. Rix was not wearing a helmet.
  • Gregory Cox, 55, of Burnsville, was struck by a car after side swiping another vehicle early Thursday morning. Cox was wearing a helmet.
  • A van making a u-turn killed a husband and wife, Jason Ingvall, 44, and Melonie Ingvall, 42, both of St. Francis on May 29. Neither of the couple were wearing helmets.


The tragic events of the past week have prompted the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to remind the public to play it safe when it comes to motorcycles this summer. Some tips for cyclists to avoid crashes include:

  • Always wear the correct safety gear, such as eyewear and helmets. Although it is not required by law for drivers over 18 in the state, wearing a helmet has been shown to greatly lower the risk of a fatality in accidents.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Don’t drive in between lanes of traffic.
  • Always drive defensively.

Additionally, automobile drivers are recommended to always keep an eye out for motorcycles. Efforts like the  “Start Seeing Motorcycles” campaign work to raise awareness of  drivers towards their fellow cycle drivers and stress to share the road.

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